O p e r a t i o n  
  • Master and Slave panels are identical ensuring easy replacement.
  • Test and Reset on all panels
  • Maximum of 38 super-bright LED's per panel indicate operating status and functions.
  • 5V DC audible alarm buzzer provided on all panels.
  • Onboard configuration facilities for selecting various modes of operation (e.g.. Master/Slave, Buzzer On/Off, Slave ID No's, Fault LED's Flash On/Off, Switch type, Services Enable/Disable etc.).
  • Onboard microprocessor "Watchdog" circuitry.
  • Slaves reflect current status of all inputs1
  • Two modes of alarm condition indication:
    • Dual warning LED's - Green for normal and flashing Red for alarm condition.
    • Single warning LED - Green disabled and red continuously on for alarm condition.
  • Audible alarm buzzer can be enabled or disabled at each panel.
  • Audible alarm is reactivated on a new alarm condition if already muted.
  • All panels on network are muted when "Mute" is pressed on Master panel.
  • Pressing "Test" will activate buzzer and all LED's.
  • Weatherproof, rustproof plastic enclosure for internal or external use.
  • Removable inspection cover for access to front panel buttons, buzzer, and comms terminals.
  • Lightweight enclosure with hinged transparent door and mounting holes for easy installation.
  • Colour-coded mimic pictures on the fascia indicate each monitoring point and description.
  • Special function pictures can be manufactured to end-user's specifications for use on fascia.
  • 6 status LED facilities. (Power, Network Error, Mains Failure, uP Reset, Network Tx, Network Rx, Computer TX).
Installation And Operating Manual

surface mount

flush mount

I n p u t  S w i t c h e s  
  • The status of 16 inputs can be monitored. Each of these inputs can be individually configured for "normally open" or "normally closed" switches.
  • Fail-safe operation. Alarm activated on the cable being cut or damaged while using "normally closed" switches.
  • Optically isolated inputs to ensure reliable monitoring of all switches.
  • Input switches can be connected to the Master panel or any Slave panel.
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s  
  • Switched relay output for connection to other external devices. Mutable / non-mutable selection jumper.
  • Computer linkup software to monitor Alarm Network and provide statistics with OSD (On-Screen Display).
  • Two-wire, half duplex, RS485 party-line interface for Master/Slave communication up to 1 Km apart.
  • RS485 or RS232 Serial interface for Computer linkup
  • Master panel monitors the comms line and indicates a fault should any Slave with inputs not respond when polled.
  • Slave panel indicates a fault should communication with the Master panel be interrupted.
  • Slave (with inputs) panel will indicate a communications fault should it not be polled by the Master.
  • Maximum of 15 Slaves can be connected to the Master.
  • Master to Slave communications requires only 0.22 Mylar screen 2 core cable.
P o w e r  S u p p l y  
  • All panels have a Dual 5V DC power supply with 220V or 110V ac inputs.
  • Battery back-up with onboard battery charger. (Batteries optional)